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Corporate wellness consultant

As a Health Program Designer, I offer:

  • A personalized approach based on a thorough assessment of your metabolism, potentially including genetic testing, and your physionutrition.

  • A comprehensive program focused on active recovery, optimizing sleep, and effectively managing various types of stress to enhance your overall well-being.

  • A dietary rebalancing designed to correct nutritional imbalances and ensure long-term results.

  • Fitness programs tailored to your goals, whether it's optimizing your physical condition, weight loss, or...

  • A personal development plan to support you in your journey towards better health and personal fulfillment.

Ready for an initial assessment? Download the document here to assess your metabolic fatigue and receive some basic tips along with a coaching proposal, no commitment required!

You also have the opportunity to start this journey with an Optimal Health Modeling, a unique method I've created to precisely define the health you dream of!

Business model you adapted to your health


Kevin Cottam


Executive/Leadership Coach | Guiding Top Leaders and Teams to transform uncertain Transitions into high potential authentic wins by unleashing The Nomadic Mindset | Professional Speaker: Nomadic Mindset.

Kevin also had the pleasure of being interviewed for my podcast 'In Shape to Grow' as part of Season 1: Crisis Management and Health. 

Testimonials and interview

Marcy Barbaro


Marcy is a book author, mindset trainer, speaker, and yoga teacher with over 2000 hours of teaching experience. 

Marcy is the author of "Beautiful Humans, There's Nothing Wrong With You"

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